William Exley for Tate & Lyle - Future Cakes!

At the end of 2018, we were approached by the wonderful Mischief PR to help them create two bespoke illustrations for their recent work with Tate & Lyle - The idea behind the brief was to take some key points from their research and illustrate some examples of cakes of the future!

Below are Will’s take on two of the dreamy future cakes from the report, both of which we hope come to our tables in the not to distant future!

Artist: William Exley

Commissioned By: Mischief PR

Client: Tate & Lyle

Date: December 2018

Daggers For Teeth for League Of Legends EU with DesignStudio

At the end of 2018, we were approached by the incredible DesignStudio team to work with our artist Daggers For Teeth on some of the illustrative aspects of their rebranding for the world famous Riot Games: League of Legends European league (now known as LEC). DFT was asked to create 5 graphic texture designs, and 141 character designs, all of which can also be easily animated for usage across all media PR.

Video courtesy of DesignStudio - Announcing the rebrand which includes graphic patterns designed by Daggers For Teeth.

From DesignStudio:

Professional gaming is exploding. With millions of people able to experience esport simultaneously around the world, it’s emerging into the mainstream. Riot has helped make esports massive with League of Legends; developing one of the world’s most successful games, as well as broadcasting and running global competitions. 

Riot want to create the world’s most engaged esports league, and our challenge was to reimagine the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS). 

The European competition needed a new identity to set it apart from its North American counterpart and push it beyond traditional sport clichés. 

Alongside a new name ‘League of Legends European Championship’ or ‘LEC.’ for short, we have created a fresh new identity, broadcast package and influenced parts of the set design.

Our new logo captures ‘Unleash Together’ – an explosion of triumph and celebration. The two sides represent the two competing teams, coming together as one symbol to depict the league’s arena and crown.

Our wider graphic language is inspired by League of Legends’ explosive energy and the clash of teams, fans and cultures in our league.

-To read more from DesignStudio, please click here to be taken to their end of project report: https://design.studio/work/lec (C&P)

Together with DesignStudio, Daggers For Teeth, created five graphic textures that reference different energies in the game: Rush, Surge, Strike, Blaze, and Blast. They can be used as bold backgrounds, or paired up to clash and contrast.

Daggers For Teeth was also asked to create a set of 141 bespoke illustrations for each League of Legends' champions, inspired by tattoo flash, which add another playful element to the brand’s visual language. These illustrations can be used in merch and be worn by fans with pride.

With thanks to Daggers For Teeth for creating this epic GIF of all the work together.

With thanks to Daggers For Teeth for creating this epic GIF of all the work together.

It was an absolute honour to have our artist work alongside this team on such an incredible project! Keep an eye out when you watch the EU games and see if you can spot a DFT design!

Artist: Daggers For Teeth

Art Direction & Team: Eric Ng, Daisy Grice, Paul Irwin, & Charlie Hocking at DesignStudio

Client: RiotGames - League Of Legends EU (LEC)

Date: December 2018

All video & images unless specified have been provided by DesignStudio.


We were so excited when we were approached by the wonderful team at Think Jam to work with our artist Tom J Newell and get him involved with a truly incredible project alongside Bethesda Games.

Tom J Newell - Fallout - Roar

In partnership with Xbox and HYPEMAKER, the creative agency of HYPEBEAST – a leading fashion, culture, and streetwear online destination – Bethesda teamed up to launch #HelmetsforHabitat: a charitable initiative to auction off custom Fallout 76 power armor helmets. Many renowned artists from around the world adorned the iconic T51 power armor helmet in their signature style, in preparation to be auctioned off at Paddle8 

All proceeds from the final auction sale of each helmet will benefit Habitat for Humanity, a global nonprofit working in local communities across all 50 states in the U.S. and in more than 70 countries, to advance the vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Bethesda Softworks is committed to donating a minimum of $100,000 to Habitat for Humanity. Auction ends November 14.

Bethesda’s previous initiatives with Habitat for Humanity include donating proceeds from sale of the “Take Me Home Country Roads” cover as heard in the official Fallout 76 announcement trailer, in addition to donating sales from the traveling Mement-o-Matic coin pressing machine. Bethesda is committed to donating a minimum of $100,000 to Habitat for Humanity over the course of these charitable initiatives.

For a limited time, fans in the New York City area will have a chance to see the helmets up close and personal prior to the auction end date. From October 25 through November 14 2018, the flagship Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue will feature a special exhibit on the third floor that showcases a selection of helmets.

Full Collection Of Customised Artist Fallout Armor Helmets

Full Collection Of Customised Artist Fallout Armor Helmets

Tom’s helmet was hand customised using POSCA pens in his instantly recognisable heavy black linear style - Click though the photos below to see all the beautiful angles, and yes, that’s a sneaky Tom hiding in the helmet!

Artist: Tom J Newell

Client: Bethesda for Fallout76

Commissioned: Think Jam

Date: October 2018

Elena Gumeniuk & William Exley for iZettle "Giant Corp Rehab Centre"

We were so super thrilled when two of our artists: Elena Gumeniuk, and William Exley were commissioned to be a part of an incredible pop-up therapy centre that was organised by the lovely team at This Is Cow PR for iZettle.

Roar iZettle Rehab Centre

The concept of the project was to ask the artists to create a piece that depicted their interpretation of what they foresee for the “Future of British High-Streets” - The artists took time to think about how we consume commercial items, and what implications it might have for small and local businesses.

The Rehab Centre:

To help consumers break free from the snare of the convenient but addictive online retail giants,  fintech company iZettle opened a one-of-a-kind ‘rehab’ centre in London called the ‘Giant Corp Rehab Centre’. Run by trained therapists, the facility offers a variety of interactive sessions to make consumers think twice about their shopping habits, realise the damage it’s having on the high street and urge them to swap their ‘one-click’ cravings for local love.

Sessions includd ‘meditative box therapy’ (a repetitive, stress-busting session where participants literally flatten their addiction by crushing hundreds of cardboard delivery boxes from Giant Corp), ‘digit distraction’(a session that teaches participants why they are so compelled to hit that ‘click to buy’ button and how to control their finger urges) and ‘shock therapy’ (an eye-opening art display by illustrators (which included our Elena & Will!) depicting the bleak futures facing the British high street).

The artists were ask to create a piece alongside a small description of what their visions for the future world of retail would be; please see artwork below:

Elena Gumeniuk - iZettle - Roar

“Buy Unique” Elena gumeniuk

Elena has envisaged a world where the future London high-street is a vast landscape of containers, with the consumer styled in a similar mass produced way, leading to the loss of identity and the uniqueness of a person. Elena took inspiration for this piece from web interfaces, to give the feeling of a high-street that’s morphed into the structure of the online shopping experience in real life.

William Exley - iZettle - Roar

“Dystopian van” william exley

Description: "William envisages the world when the last shutter goes down on the high street, and the Delivery Van will be all that is left to ferry our next-day packages across the Dystopian Wasteland.”

Artists: Elena Gumeniuk & William Exley

Art Direction: iZettle & This Is Cow PR

Client: iZettle

Date: October 2018

Liane Plant & Mr Gauky for OnRush Video Game

At the start of the year we were super excited to work alongside our good friend Alan Wardle at AnyForty, who art directed the in-game design assets for the exciting new release of computer game: ONRUSH.

ONRUSH is a brand new, incredibly exciting arcade racing game created by the talented team at Codemasters Evo in Runcorn, which was released worldwide on June 5th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Alongside an incredible selection of artists, our own artists here at Roar: Liane Plant and Mr Gauky were commissioned to create a selection of designs that would be used for the game, both as in-game assets and in promotional material.  

Since the game's release, we’ve had a lot of fun here at the agency playing ONRUSH and trying to spot our artists' designs in the landscapes, cars, bikes, and of course, as part of the awesome outfits you can select for yourself! 

We're so proud of these guys and the hard work they have done so far! We can't wait to share more with you soon! 

- Roar Team 

Below are a few examples of how Liane and Gauky's artwork have been implemented into the game: 

Asset Design by  Mr Gauky

Asset Design by Mr Gauky

Asset Design by Liane Plant 

Asset Design by Liane Plant 

In-game action shot featuring  Mr Gauky's  work 

In-game action shot featuring Mr Gauky's work 

In-Game action shot featuring  Liane Plant's  work 

In-Game action shot featuring Liane Plant's work 

In-Game action shot featuring  Liane Plant's  work

In-Game action shot featuring Liane Plant's work

In-game action shot featuring  Mr Gauky's  work

In-game action shot featuring Mr Gauky's work

Artists: Liane Plant & Mr Gauky

Art Direction: Alan Wardle at AnyForty

Client: Onrush Game for Codemasters

Date: Summer 2018

Elena Gumeniuk for Emirates FA Cup - Animation Project

We are so proud of our artist and talented animator Elena Gumeniuk, who created this incredible short animation for the Emirates FA Cup this spring to celebrate all things Football!

Alongside a small group of creators and influencers (also know as the #CupCollective crew) Elena's animation visualises the stories of the "Football Fan" and the different journeys that take place along the way; from the gamer in their bedroom, to the final at wembley. 

Watch her animation below: 

As part of the project, Elena was also commissioned to create a limited edition art print that would be given away during the FA cup, you can see the image here: 


Artist: Elena Gumeniuk for Roar Illustration Agency

Art Direction: Mischief PR

Client: Emirates FA Cup

Date: April 2018

Rosie Toole Debut at Gallery 1988 - Idiot Box Exhibition



“I Don’t Sleep, I Only Dream” by our incredible artist Rosie Toole for American Pop Art Gallery: Gallery1988.

This is her US debut, and also first time showing with Gallery1988, and we could not be more excited for her!

This piece was created for the “Idiot Box” exhibition which was on show in LA at their main gallery space.

For all purchase enquiries please contact the gallery, or email us and we can send you all details! Info@roarartists.com

We are so proud of Rosie for this epic piece, and are so excited for the new projects that she is taking part of with Gallery1988 later on this year, one to watch for SURE!

Team Roar


Welcome To Roar Illustration Agency

Hey Friends! 

Welcome to Roar Illustration Agency! We're so excited to be officially launched, and we welcome you to the site! It's been many, many months in the making, with lots of colour choices, and stressful moments, but generally just total anticipation in getting this wonderful new venture out to you!

As you're on the site, i'm sure you already know what we're about, but here's a small overview of who we are and what we do. 

Roar Illustration Agency is a boutique agency that represents a very curated selection of fine, illustrative, and graphic artists (for now). The agency is the brain child of Skye (Hey guys!) who, after founding and working on projects for Skull & Heart, found herself in many conversations with artists about their careers, their clients, their work and realised that there might be a place in the market for dedicated space to have these discussions, and also hopefully work on ways to reach out to new potential clients and jobs. 

We work with an incredible selection of artists, each representing their own individual creative style, which can be applied to all kinds of exciting projects! The aim of Roar is to keep our roster small and interesting, working hard with our artists rather than just taking on a huge selection of possible cross-over styles which means they become lost amongst the crowd. 

We hope to be more than just another agency, carving out a space for creativity, discussions and great work. We also hope to have some great events and projects that highlight our artists, and we would love for you all to be there along the journey. Keep an eye on our website and all of our social media for updates. 

For now, thanks for checking us out! You can reach out to us about anything via info@roarartists.com - we'll get back to you as soon as we can! 

Skye @ Roar Illustration Agency