Rosie Toole

Rosie Toole is a Fine Artist based in Brighton, England. Rosie’s work is heavily influenced by pop culture, film, punk music, and photorealistic portraiture. Working with pencil, paper and acrylic, each one of her creations are handcrafted with painstaking detail, with an incredible ability to capture the heart and soul of subject she is working on. With a revitalised take on portraiture, Rosie brings a breath of fresh air and modernity to a classical and often overlooked discipline. 

Rosie’s work has been exhibited within the United Kingdom. 

Select Clients Include: Bloomberg, Oi Polloi, Manual de Uso Cultural, Dr Martens, Shelf Heros. 

Bands: Fucked Up, Rolo Tomassi.


To commission Rosie for a project please send us an email