The Roar Grant


Roar Illustration Agency was founded on the idea of creating a place to support artists and their careers, and so we have decided to take that one step further by setting up The Roar Grant.

What is The Roar Grant? 

The Roar Grant is set to launch in mid 2020 and will be a dedicated amount of money that will be raised by the Roar Illustration Agency through merchandise sales in our online store, public donations, and fundraising.

The Roar Grant will be open to all creatives who are looking for money to help support a creative project.

Thinking about self-publishing a book?, organising an exhibition, or perhaps you have been hoping to release a set of prints? Whatever the creative project may be, we want to create a way to help!

When the grant has launched, you will be able to apply for an amount between £50 – to £1,000 and this money can be used to fund in part, or in full your creative dream (subject to eligibility). 

Can I donate money to The Roar Grant?

We’re always excited to know that people are interested in supporting what we do, and have the same goal as we do in helping a creative realise their dreams, and so we have set up a few ways that you can help support The Roar Grant.

1)    Pick up some Roar merchandise! We have some awesome Roar based goodies available to purchase in our online store including tote bags, pins, and sticker packs! After production costs, 10% of all sales from these items will be placed into The Roar Grant. By supporting us with your purchases you will not only be looking super ace, but you’ll also be supporting the progress of ideas and projects that might not happen otherwise. 

2)    *COMING SOON* Donate! In 2020 we will be including on this page two donate buttons (PayPal & Credit/Debit Card) on the site for those who wish to help out, but might not be interested in the merchandise, or, perhaps are interested in donating a certain sum of money to the cause. This can be done with under your name, or anonymously. For those who wish to be acknowledged, we will send you a certificate thanking you for your donation, and of course, keep you updated with all the projects that you have helped to support. 

If you’re interested in learning more about The Roar Grant, please sign up using the form below an we will add you to our mailing list. 

Please be aware that this fund will not be launched until mid 2020. By signing up to our mailing list you will be entered into a database of people who will be the first to receive notification of the launch, and details about how to apply. Signing up to this mailing list does not register you for the grant, or guarantee that your application will be successful. We would like to take this moment to remind you that all applications for the grant will be subject to eligibility checks and Roar reserves the right to deny an application should it not meet our guidelines.